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Following are the pricing for the services offered. To sign up, the first step is to make the payment. Once you make the payment, you will be contacted by our agents. All classes include 45 minutes of Tutor Support each week, which consist of grading, planning, writing progress reports, etc.

2 Weeks Test Prep Course: $279.99 - (Note: If needed, we allow students to complete the 2 weeks course in 1 week.)
4 Weeks Test Prep Course $479.99
8 Weeks Course - Chat with agent for more information and to sign up for 8 weeks course - 8 weeks program is the most successful with the highest passing rate. The program requirement is you follow directions given by the tutor as you have no choice but to pass the exam. If you fail the exam after taking the 8 weeks program, you get signed up again for free. With reason, the program is unlimited support to ensure a passing score. As a result, we have limited openings per month for the 8 weeks program. Upon request, we can complete the 8 weeks course in a shorter period; you still receive all services under the 8 weeks program.

CSET Tutoring Services

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Below are descriptions of the purpose and target audience for the courses.

2 Weeks Test Prep Course
The purpose of the 2 weeks course is to focus on one or two weak areas. The course is for those who have taken the exam 1-2 times and failed by only few points (less than 5 points).

4 Weeks Test Prep Course
The purpose of the 4 weeks course is to focus on two or three weak areas along with exposure to real exam questions. The course is for those who have taken the exam 2-3 times and failed by approximately 8-13 points.

8 Weeks Test Prep Course
The purpose of the 8 weeks course is to provide a comprehensive and complete expose to the exam. The course will focus on weak areas along with expose to real exam questions and content. The course is for those who have never taken the exam or are having significant difficulty in passing the exam. If you have taken the exam more than three times, you will likely need the 8 weeks program.

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