Following are the pricing for the services offered by CSET Tutoring Services. To sign up, the first step is to make the payment. Once you make the payment, you will be contacted by our agents. All classes include 45 minutes of Tutor Support each week, which consist of grading, planning, writing progress reports, etc. CSET Tutoring Services is a consulting based company helping students pass teaching certification exam. 

NOTE: Once you make your payment, you will be emailed a form to fill out, which will ask you to inform us what exam you are planning to take.

45 Minutes Live Online Tutoring/Consulting: $29.99
Study Guide Plan: $79.99 - Chat with agent to sign up.
2 Weeks Test Prep Course: $229.99
4 Weeks Test Prep Course $389.99
8 Weeks Course - Chat with agent for more information and to sign up for 8 weeks course - 8 weeks program is very successful with highest passing rate. If you fail the exam after taking the 8 weeks program, you get signed up again for free. 8 weeks course is buying a passing score. You have to chat with agent to sign up; you can not sign up directly on our website. 
Self Pace Course - We have stopped providing this service

Test Prep Course (Weekly: 45 minutes live consulting/tutoring, 45 minutes email tutoring, 45 minutes tutor support)

CSET Tutoring Services

Undecided on what the best option is for you? Chat with our agent and they will assist you in deciding the best option